Animajobs is the job portal that we developed for Acttiv, the leading company in leisure and tourist entertainment in Spain.

Animajobs manages hundreds of job offers, selection days, and in-person and online training courses throughout Europe. For their new job portal, we developed a PWA (Progressive Web App) with the following prerequisites:

  • PWA developed in Angular with server side rendering. Our latest Angular applications have yielded very good results, and this is the first time we use server side rendering.
  • Mobile app behavior and look & feel. The target audience of the app is very young, so most accesses are made from mobile devices. It was very important to optimize usability and the user experience from mobile devices.
  • Multi-language. We had already created microsites for the client in multiple languages (English, Polish, Dutch, Swedish...) since potential users are young people from all over Europe.
  • Instant loading (<2s). One of our main objectives was to achieve great performance and almost instant loading, which we accomplished thanks to server rendering.
  • Notifications and transactional emails. We take care of communication and send visually attractive emails with all the process and status information.
  • Backend based on WordPress. The entire application is managed from a single headless WordPress, and communications with the application are made through REST requests.
  • Lighthouse audit score commitment > 90. Although it is an informative audit, in our projects, we like to take special care of performance, accessibility, and good practices and SEO. In the case of Animajobs, we exceeded our commitment by far.
Lighthouse report for Animajobs showing scores of 100 for performance, 98 for accesibility, 100 for best practices and SEO and PWA compliant.
Lighthouse audit results

With all of this, we have achieved a solid, robust, and ultra-efficient project, and a PWA application that flies, even in the private user area. As an additional advantage, if in the future the client wants to ship native applications for different markets (iOS and Android), the process will be quite straightforward to carry out, and we can take advantage of all the architecture generated, without the need for specific development.