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Ilustración robot con una gorra que pone AI y un mandil de herramientas y una caja que pone GPT

How to integrate Artificial Intelligence into your business: a guide for small businesses

We'll tell you about the range of solutions available to start working with AI in your company.
Ilustración del diseño de una cabina de adivinación

How to manage the elaboration of proposals and accept rejection

We'll tell you about our approach to handling proposals and minimizing the effects of rejection.
Ilustración de un yokai paraguas con ojo y lengua fuera, con el texto Yokaloka en castellano y en hiragana

Packaging design process: a wine label

The design assignment for the label of a white wine for Yokaloka, a good opportunity to make something different.
Ilustración de batería con un rayo amarillo

Designing and playing with SVG badges

A design project featuring vector SVG badges with added interactive customization. Pure fun.
Converting a doc in an online course in a laptop

New tool for creating online courses from a doc file

We create a tool that converts a simple doc file into an online educational course platform. Awesome? Indeed, just keep reading.
Ilustración de un cohete surcando el espacio

ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence Course for Businesses

Through this course, we provide you with practical and real examples to apply in your company and unlock new business opportunities.
Humano hablando a un robot a través de un altavoz

Building multi-language applications with Server Side Rendering in Angular 17

Technical article on how we integrate multi-language apps with Server Side Rendering in Angular 17.

AI Talk: a WordPress plugin that converts your texts into audio

We integrate AI through synthetic voices in WordPress to generate audio for your content.
Coffee portafilters

Use artificial intelligence in your business to transform data into answers

An immediate application of AI in the real world is the ability to interact with documents and proprietary information to generate outcomes.
Ilustración de un robot genérico con luces en el frontal, antena y bombilla en la cabeza

Exploration, critical analysis, and opportunities of the use of AI

Operational and ethical considerations about the use of artificial intelligence and how they impact our work
Ilustración mujer en aeropuerto avanzando con la maleta hacia la puerta de embarque

Customer onboarding

What will be the phases when you hire the design and development of a project with us? We'll explain the complete roadmap
Illustration of a cenital view of a computer desktop, with a keyboard, a monitor, a cellphone and a cup of coffee

Technology innovation workshops and consultancy

Empowering businesses for the future through technology and innovation workshops.
Illustration in comic style of a man running with a suitcase behind

AI for tourism: How we create a universal audio guide in just two days

A new experiment applying ChatGPT to create an instant audio guide of the whole world
Viñetas de comic de explorador perdido en el desierto leyendo un mapa y vineta contigua con brújula, cuerda, cantimplora y mapa

Why work with a company like Lostium?

We will give you reasons to choose a small studio like ours over traditional consulting firms
Ilustración de hombre con camiseta de rayas y delantal sosteniendo un tarro y logo de FermentApp

We launched FermentApp 🚀

We'll tell you the details about our gastronomic training platform and the launch of our first pilot, FermentApp

Tools and usual software

The essential tools and software in our daily routine for the design and development of digital products.
Illustration with a cabbage, knife, jar with lemons and salt and FermentApp logo

FermentApp: learn to ferment

FermentApp is our side project that teaches you how to make fermented foods through different lessons, audio, recipes, timers, alerts...

Acttiv Games, a guerrilla project

We developed an access control project using a PWA and WordPress backend in just 2 weeks.
Illustration of a guy with a bunny hat and the Animajobs logo above

A lightning fast job portal

We've just launched a job portal to search for jobs in leisure and tourist entertainment for the Spanish leaders in the sector.
Illustration of a pantry with different products with technologies and frameworks names: WordPress, Angular, JS, PHP...

Our current tech stack

We've tested different technologies over the years. Today we want to tell you about our current stack and why we're happy sticking with it.
Illustration of a chimp covering his face with a hand and the lettering Oh shit, not again above him

Welcome back, dear old blog

After years without a blog, we have decided we have some things to say now, and this will be the place to do it. So first of all, thank you for reading us!