Create an online course from a doc file

FROMADOC is a magic tool that converts a Microsoft Word or Google Docs document into a full-featured online education course in just a few minutes.
From a Doc to course

Interested in seeing it in action?

Simply provide us with a document containing your course content and we'll show you what this tool can make for you.

FROMADOC features:

  1. Works with Google Docs and Microsoft Word documents.
  2. Course deployment on the cloud or on your servers.
  3. Works without a CMS, no need to install anything.
  4. Multimedia support: images, audio, and video.
  5. Audio lesson generation through AI voices.
  6. Student login with Auth0 authentication.
  7. Course progress tracking and user statistics.
  8. Search engine for course contents.
  9. Tracking changes and AI-generated change log.
  10. Offline mode and automatic updates.
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From a Doc... to an online platform

Keep your master content on a doc file

Free your users from the burden of managing complex content management systems and democratize content creation.

With FROMADOC, anyone capable of writing a document can take the lead in content generation.

And if the document changes, you can easily reprocess it, and an AI will automatically generate the change log. As easy as it sounds!

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The simplest and smartest solution

Get your course online in minutes

Our tool swiftly deploys a fully navigable website, complete with lessons, multimedia content, an information page, and a search engine.

Additional benefits include login management, progress tracking and statistics, a mobile app-like experience, and ongoing enhancements.

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Launch your course today

No CMS, no worries

Creating and launching a course has never been easier. Say goodbye to complex CMS, costly licenses, and even the need for editors.

Are you lost?

Is FROMADOC not meeting your needs?

Request any feature

If you have specific requirements that are not covered by our current solution, just contact us.

We specialize in creating custom solutions for our clients. We can modify, adapt, or extend the tool to meet your needs, whatever they may be.

We can deploy your course on our servers, personalize the appearance to match your brand or add custom modules to integrate with your platforms.

Send us an email with your specific needs, and we'll take care of everything!

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