After two years of development, we can finally announce the launch of the first app and pilot project of our new gastronomic training platform.

New app for cooking enthusiasts... or not necessarily

The day has come! We are very excited to announce the launch of the pilot of our gastronomic training platform.

It's FermentApp, a mobile application with an illustrated fermentation course that can be read or listened to as a podcast. It also includes a practical recipe book for fermented foods and drinks. With this course, you'll learn how to ferment while cooking, following step-by-step recipes with the help of timers, alerts, and notifications. To reach a more global audience, all content is available in both English and Spanish.

The application is designed for anyone interested in fermentation and the production of fermented foods, which are increasingly popular but not so easy to find commercially, without the need for prior experience or knowledge.

To validate the project, we have chosen to offer it as a one-time paid app (€9.99, without subscription). For slightly less than the price of a daily menu, you will acquire the basic knowledge that will allow you to fill your fridge with delicious fermented foods and drinks. We promise that it is also a very fun process. Pure therapy that will also help you develop patience. A win-win, we think.

As a small studio and a completely self-financed project, we have dedicated a lot of time and resources to the development of both the underlying technological platform and this pilot project, including the generation of content, recipes, audio, illustrations, photos or videos...

Although we are launching it as an MVP at this point, those of you who know us know the level of self-demand that we impose on ourselves, so we are satisfied and quietly proud of the result, but also eager to hear feedback from users.

For now, we can only say that the few people we have talked to, mainly family and friends, have catapulted the application to #1 in the paid app category (Food and Drink), both on iOS and Android. You can't imagine how grateful we are for this. Thank you so much!

About the platform

In the B2C field, the platform works as a small digital editorial specialized in gastronomy and culinary techniques. With the differential advantage of incorporating practical training through guided recipes and leveraging the capabilities of mobile devices: audio, multimedia, timers, notifications...

Our idea is to launch new general gastronomic courses soon with different prices and target audiences. We are already working on new content: a small manual of basic cooking techniques for beginners, which also includes basic recipes for learning to make mother sauces, broths, stocks, types of cuts, etc. The other one we have in store is Spicy/Picante, a monographic for chili enthusiasts, consisting of an illustrated guide with the history of spiciness, curiosities, types of chilies, tricks, and tips and more than 30 spicy recipes including snacks, drinks, and even desserts.

This part excites and motivates us because we have always wanted to develop our own product. In fact, Lostium was founded with the idea of launching our own digital products, and here we are unlocking this achievement more than ten years later, after a lot of effort and perseverance. With this branch, therefore, we intend to experiment, have fun, and launch new proposals, within a field that we are also passionate about.

We want to start releasing the new publications from our studio, but if you're interested in publishing your own independent gastronomic track in app format, contact us and we can explore possible ways to make it happen.

B2B transition

But what we are now looking for, because bills don't pay themselves, is to find the fit of the platform in the professional and industrial field and evolve the platform to the B2B sector. Our goal is to provide new technological tools and innovative solutions to companies in the food sector that improve and facilitate the different processes involved, increase their productivity, and become indispensable aids for learning, knowledge management, and systematization of tasks, or even the creation of new food formulations. We would love to turn our platform into the reference tool for Food Design or Food Creation for teams developing new foods.

To do this, if you have a company in the food sector and are interested in exploring the world of FoodTech, digitalization, and the possibilities that technology can bring to your business, we would love to be able to interview you and obtain insights into the real needs of the sector or your specific business to evaluate the opportunities to adapt the platform and offer a customized solution to specific and real problems.

If you are curious about the project or want to take a look, you can find more information at the following links:

Official website

App for iOS

App for Android

Introductory post

Press Kit

If you found all of this interesting and can share it to reach as many people as possible, every bit of help is appreciated at this moment.

Thank you so much for reading us. And now... let's celebrate!