We have launched a WordPress plugin that allows your website to be listened to as well as read. A new tool that transforms WordPress texts into speech by integrating synthetic voices generated through AI.

Google Cloud integration

The tool initially emerged for internal use in the studio within our project FermentApp, as it allowed us to automatically narrate the texts we create in WordPress in various languages (English and Spanish), assisted by synthetic voices from the Google Cloud Text-to-Speech API.

After its first use, we checked the good performance of the solution we had created, with high-quality voices (especially in English), combined with great efficiency and ease of use.

Thanks to this internal utility, we were able to generate very quickly and at virtually zero cost all the lessons that made up the course, in two languages, using the free tier of Google Cloud. If we had had to narrate it in the traditional way, we would have had to dedicate a budget of several hundred euros, which we did not have as it was a self-funded project.

Commercial WordPress Plugin

At this point, we thought it would be a good idea to universalize the solution so that it can be used as a WordPress plugin by third parties.

That's why we launched an initial version with basic functionalities, which allow you to generate the audio of your post or page, as it is or modified, since you can edit the version for audio independently from the text.

The plugin allows you to generate audios in more than 50 languages and 380 different voices, from which we can also modify the tone and speed.

As part of the integration with WordPress, an audio player is generated, whose location we can also choose, and which we can customize to adapt to the look & feel of our website.

Finally, an MP3 file is generated that is linked to the post or page and that you can also download and use as you see fit. This enables new creative uses of the tool: converting notes or personal notes to audio, listening to text revisions while performing other activities, etc.

Affordable synthetic voice

For the correct operation of the plugin, it is necessary to have a Google Cloud account and generate a service key file. But don't worry, we have detailed step-by-step instructions on how to do this even if you don't have technical knowledge.

In the future, and depending on the reception of the plugin, we do not rule out integration with other third-party Text-to-Speech services, such as Microsoft Azure, whose voices also offer great quality.

The plugin operates with a license that can be renewed annually for its continuous and regular use, with no greater limitation than the cost of using the Google Cloud API if the free tier is exceeded.

If you need it for a static content project or for generating specific content you already have, the first year's license would be enough, since the audio files are generated once and from that moment they are hosted on your server.

If you have other specific needs or want to have voice in your content and want us to take care of everything, don't hesitate to contact us.